Residents in Harlem discuss the Columbia University expansion in their neighborhood.

Residents in Oxford discuss the University's role in their town. Special thanks to CPTV anchorwoman: Emily Moult.

CPTV in Hackney, London.

CPTV (Civic Pedagogy TV) is a collaboration between Clarisa Diaz, Fulbright Scholar and Assist. Professor of Interactive Design at Columbia University with Dr. Harriet Harriss, Professor of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University. CPTV is a fictitious and non-fictitious TV station streamed on the web for residents to voice their thoughts on development in their neighborhoods.

Built out of cardboard and colored duct tape, the video camera and microphone are designed to be a playful means of interaction to engage conversation.

Design research is a team effort, with one researcher in the video camera filming the interview, another researcher conducting the interview, and another researcher documenting the overall process.

A microphone extended from a mounted video camera is attached to the video camera costume.

Special thanks to the CPTV crew: Alex Alaimo, Jack Arnold, and Filip Popovic.

CPTV in action.

This project was sponsored in part by Santander Bank, who awarded Harriet a Scholars Award to develop her research into civic pedagogy.